From `the Dark knight 2` waiting for a new cash record

From `the Dark knight 2` waiting for a new cash recordPre-sale tickets for the premiere shows of the film "the Dark knight 2: the legend" enables developers to rely on new cash record for 2D projects.According to the publication the Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. I believe that the final part of the trilogy can earn by the end of the first weekend at the U.S. box office of about $ 170 million.According to the most optimistic forecasts premiere fees can reach $ 190 million.Recall that at the time of this writing the absolute leaders were the films "the Avengers" (207,4 million) and "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2" (169,2 million).However, it is worth considering that these were stereoscopic projects, so the average cost of tickets for the sessions was higher. Source: From "Dark knight 2" waiting for a new cash record.

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