David Duchovny again divorces his wife

David Duchovny again divorces his wifePopular Hollywood actor, star of TV series "the x-files" David Duchovny again divorces his wife, actress Tea Leoni.It is noteworthy that the acting couple David Duchovny and Tea Leoni have repeatedly said that getting a divorce, but never brought the case to the end. For example, last year, and as at the end of June - early July, there is information about the breakup of a famous Hollywood couple. But Duchovny and Leoni managed to find a common language. Some secular chroniclers laugh, saying that David and Thea survive summer some aggravation.The couple tried to leave in 2008. Then David, who at the insistence of the couple was forced to spend several weeks in rehab, once outside, caught your wife cheating. Interestingly, the actor was treated for sex addiction. As it turned out, while Duchovny tried to get rid of harmful sexual urges that threaten to destroy his marriage, his wife Thea does communicate with Billy Bob Thornton, former husband of Angelina Jolie. David had learned all about by reading messages in the mobile phone of the wife.At that time the paparazzi several times saw Thornton together with Thea Leoni. The actor played their own musical group, and Leonie supported Billy Bob at concerts and sometimes even helped him with the handling of equipment and tools. Interestingly, the very same Duchovny attributed affair with the tennis coach Edith Pakai. The girl admitted in an interview that closely friendly with the artist and thinks he's clever and handsome. Then David and Thea first decided to disperse. While the actress lived alone with her children in new York, while David was undergoing treatment. However, the novel Leoni and Billy Bob had gone to the same after the divorce with Jolie Thornton announced that to marry is no longer wanted.And now David Duchovny again parted with his wife, Tea Leoni. The reason for the divorce is not specified. According to the website of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda", now the pair is merged only for walks together in Malibu and baseball games with their younger ten son Kidd. Boy, graduate of Princeton and the head coach of the Junior basketball team, pretty hard going through a breakup of their parents. Secular chroniclers expressed hope that Duchovny and Leoni once again converge. Source: David Duchovny again divorces his wife.

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