Died legendary astronaut Neil Armstrong

Died legendary astronaut Neil Armstrong About the death of legendary astronaut Neil Armstrong, who died August 25 at the 83rd year of his life, gave all the world's media. In addition to American TV channels, which, in theory, were supposed to be the first in this matter.In the end, the viewers in the United States learned of the death of the conqueror of the moon's last, reports the Washington Post.By historical standards, Neil Armstrong was one of the most important people in the Land to which the astronaut looked from a distance of many light years in July 1969. However, the staff most of the American media, apparently, had different ideas. A few hours later after the Internet appeared the first reports of the death of Armstrong, the local TV stations as if nothing had happened went to the weather reports, the evening talk shows and reruns of series entertainment series.It seemed that the upcoming Republican national Convention bother Americans much more than the death of one of the most prominent people in the entire history of the country. Oddly enough, the reasons for this "ignoring" the reality may be quite ordinary. First, Armstrong died in Cincinnati on Saturday night. And this was not a normal Saturday, when, as a rule, broadcasters faithfully spend their shifts, and Saturday of August, when half of the country on holiday or at the beach.In this respect, most of all distinguished NBC, which only hours after the death of Armstrong gave a running line: "Astronaut Neil young, first man to walk on moon, dies at age 82". Journalists confused the conqueror of Earth satellite with a famous canadian musician and mistakenly wrote about the death of a cosmonaut is not about the incident as fact, and as if it even could be saved.Later, the employees of the TV channel called this unpleasant incident a "mistake technical staff" and said that the misunderstanding was resolved in a few minutes after he saw television viewers across the country.In addition, the death of Neil Armstrong was for journalists kind of surprise. For anybody not a secret that in most of the major media obituaries for celebrities are prepared in advance, so that when tragedy finally happens, the authors could only write in your text the date of the death of one or the other stars.Such texts usually begin to prepare when it is reported that some famous person is seriously ill. However, Neil Armstrong led so an indoor lifestyle that almost no one knew how it goes.Former astronaut not spread about their relations with other space explorers, not starred in commercials and music videos, his name is on a talk show David Letterman. He just one day set foot on the moon. That's all. We can say that the death of Neil Armstrong was like his life: reserved and discreet that can not be combined with the scale of the achievements of the legendary astronaut, according to journalists of the Washington Post.Neil Armstrong was born August 5, 1930 in the town of Wapakoneta (USA, Ohio). After graduating from naval flight school, he was sent to Korea, where he participated in the fighting. After demobilization Armstrong graduated from Purdue University and the University of southern California. He worked as a test pilot, tested more than 200 models of aircraft, helicopters and gliders. In the astronaut Neil Armstrong was adopted in 1962. For the first time he had been in space in 1966, while flying on a spacecraft "Gemini-8".Source: Died legendary astronaut Neil Armstrong.

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