Died a famous playwright Eduard Volodarsky

Died a famous playwright Eduard VolodarskyFamous Soviet and Russian screenwriter, playwright and novelist Eduard Volodarsky died in Moscow on 72-m to year of life.Volodarsky was born 3 February 1941 in Kharkov. In 1947 he moved to Moscow. He graduated from the scriptwriting faculty of the all-Union state Institute of cinematography.He debuted in cinema with the movie "the Sixth summer" in 1967, said RIA Novosti.In 1987 Edward Volodarsky together with father Valentine Black and Valery freedom have created a Studio "the Word" on "Mosfilm" from 1998 to the Blues worked as chief editor of the Studio.In his scripts filmed more than 70 films. The most famous of them - "Check on roads", "at home among strangers, a stranger among us", "Emelyan Pugachev", "Demidov", "My friend Ivan Lapshin", "goodbye punks Zamoskvoretskaya...", "Moonzund".He is the author of several books and eleven plays. His first play, "our Debts" (1973) was immediately delivered Oleg Efremov, Moscow art Theatre, and then went in more than a hundred theaters in the Soviet Union. No less success enjoyed the play "Leaving, look around you" (1975).Among of books written by him: "a Russian, or a crime without punishment", "his own war", "the Diary of a suicide", "skull Buster". The writer worked in the genre of "historical fiction".Volodarsky has played in several movies: "farmer's son" (1975), "Black triangle" (1981), "Torpedo" (1983), "the Lonely player (1995).Member of the Union of writers of the USSR (1976), honored art worker of the RSFSR, laureate of the State prize of the RSFSR. Vasilyev brothers (1987, for the script of the film "My friend Ivan Lapshin"), laureate of the State prize of the USSR (1988, the national film Check on the roads").Awarded the medal to them. A. Dovzhenko and orders of Honor "For merits before Fatherland" IV degree.Volodarsky was fond of hunting, reading, collecting pipes.Date and place of farewell to Eduard Volodarsky specified. Source: Dead famous playwright Eduard Volodarsky.

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