Charlize Theron had to wear `dung` dress

Charlize Theron had to wear `dung` dressWhat we have to go to the actors for a loved cinema. Charlize Theron, for example, in coming to the screens the film "Snow white and the huntsman" had to put on dress made from the carapace of dung beetles.Insects for the manufacture of attire for the evil Queen Ravena played by 36-year-old actress, bought at a flea market in Thailand. In this Kingdom the dung beetles, which contain a lot of protein, eat.It is dung beetles, says costume designer Colleen Atwood, three times won an Oscar for her costumes for films, due to the amazing greenish Shine and shimmering dresses heroine Charlize. The idea of using dung beetles came to the dresser by accident. She saw them at the market and was fascinated by the color of their shells.Fortunately for Theron, says Komsomolskaya with reference to the Daily Mail, wearing "manure" dress, which, admittedly, makes a strong impression, she had long. In the film, the actress appears in it only in one scene, and even that lasts only a few seconds. Source: Charlize Theron had to wear "manure" dress.

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