The anonymous owner of the Munch painting `the Scream` will show it to the audience.

The anonymous owner of the Munch painting `the Scream` will show it to the audience.The unknown owner of the painting "the Scream" by Norwegian expressionist artist Edvard Munch for the first time will show it to the public: it will be exhibited in the Museum of modern art (MOMA) in new York from October 24 to 29 April, reports the New York Times.For several decades the canvas, which critics called a symbol of the culture of the XX century, was in a private collection and have never been exhibited in new York.According to the Director of the Museum, the picture will be placed in the first gallery on the fifth floor of the Museum, the exhibition will feature prints by Munch, created in the same period as that of the Scream. Security measures will be unprecedented, as one of the most recognizable paintings in the world and is a subject of particular interest to thieves."Scream" is not only entered the history of art as a masterpiece of expressionism, but also as the most expensive lot, setting a record auction devoted to impressionism and modernism. In may, the painting was sold at Sotheby's for $ 120 million.The name of the person who bought the painting at auction, is still unknown. Experts are inclined to the version that the buyer was an American financier and art collector Leon black (Leon Black), who is a member of the Board of Trustees of MOMA. However, neither the Director of the Museum, nor the administration Sotheby's the name of the new owner, provided the painting in the Museum, were not disclosed.In may, when the painting was put up for auction in London, looked at more than 7,500 people in five days. After she arrived in new York, the auction house has provided the opportunity to see her only to their clients."Scream" is one of four works in the series, written by Munch on the same plot in 1893-1910. Three other papers (two oils and one pastel) are stored in the museums of Norway, they tried several times to kidnap. In 1994, the robbers stole from the national gallery of Norway "the Scream", painted in 1893, it was discovered a year later. In 2004 from the Munch Museum in Oslo was stolen version of the Scream, created in 1910, and "Madonna". Both paintings were found two years after the abduction.The painting, which in the autumn will set in new York, executed in pastel and, according to experts, is the most vibrant and colorful of all. Moreover, there is a plate on which the artist has engraved a line from my journal. The inscription explains what inspired him to create paintings. Source: Anonymous owner of Munch paintings "the Scream" will show it to the audience..

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