Madonna spoke out in support of their tour

Madonna spoke out in support of their tourAmerican pop singer Madonna made a statement in defense of his tour and is being demonstrated at the show. The text published on the website of the singer.World tour Madonna's album "MDNA" is accompanied by regular scandals. In particular, the singer was criticized to use on stage dummy weapons, threatened to court for frames with a swastika, and in Russia has been criticized for support of Pussy Riot and sexual minorities."My show is a journey. The journey of the soul from darkness to light... from anger to love, from chaos to order", - reads the statement of the Madonna. "It is true that in the beginning of the show a lot of violence, and sometimes I use prop guns - but it's used as a metaphor. I don't condone violence or the use of weapons. They symbolize the desire to become stronger and to stop something that could hurt. In my case it is the desire to stop the lies and hypocrisy of the Church, the intolerance of many narrow minded cultures and societies I've ever seen and the pain I was causing broken heart," explained pop singer."Usually in movies, there are good and bad guys... Sometimes I play those and others... But for me it is very important that my show was not taken out of context. You should watch it with an open heart from beginning to end. And I'm sure the audience will come out of the room inspired and inspired and want to make the world better. It's always been my intention", said Madonna.Despite a series of scandals, the tour of the singer, which includes 88 concerts from may to December 2012, shows good financial results. According to Billboard, the first of 11 shows on the tour brought the Madonna about 50 million dollars. Source: Madonna spoke out in support of their tour.

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