`Soulless` led the top of the Russian box office

`Soulless` led the top of the Russian box office The Russian film "soulless", the film adaptation of the novel by Sergei Minaev, beat competitors from Hollywood and led the top film distribution in Russia.The film is about the life of 29-year-old top-Manager for the first weekend attracted more than 160 million rubles, according to NBC Universal. "Soulless" was ahead by starting to the results of the "time Loop" with Bruce Willis and "taken 2", the sequel to producer Luke Sleepless, with Liam NeesonNote that for the first time over the past year, the Russian film came around to hire American competitors. According to data from social networks, many viewers already went on an adaptation of the novel by Sergei Minaev twice.In the struggle with foreign paintings "soulless" has broken another record, showing the best this year start among Russian films. Previous leaders, "August the eighth" and "8 first dates" earned at the time 141 and 125 million rubles, respectively.The protagonist of the film Director Roman Prygunov - 29-year-old senior Executive of a major international Bank named Max. He is confident that life is good, because he has what many can't even dream of: an expensive car, a penthouse and parties.His life Maxim spends on making money, and the money - at Nightclubs, girls, cocaine and other attributes, the so-called glamorous life. But at some point the hero comes to the realization that with his life, something is wrong. And his world begins to crumble like a house of cards. In the picture referred to reassess themselves and life around, of overcoming the internal crisis.Source: "soulless" led the top of the Russian box office.

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