Mystery murders `king` chanson Michael Krug

Mystery murders `king` chanson Michael Krug10 years later, friends of the Circle in the criminal world found that happened in his house on the fatal night.There are many versions of the murder of the "king" chanson Michael Krug. One by one, the attackers wanted to steal the original copy of the new disc, on the other - just tried to Rob in the third one acted on the order.According to NTV, ten years after the murder of Michael Krug, Alexander North, the thief in law nicknamed the North, and his friends of the criminal world found out what happened in the singer's house.The authority stated that the murder is entirely coincidental and no alleged earlier order was not. Indeed, in the first days after the murder, he decided that the Circle ordered it - North - personal enemies."Was not an order for Misha, but just the circumstances. Went to steal and didn't know that he'll be back. He returned to the family, and this situation turned out",- quotes crime boss channel.North hinted that behind the attackers worked another man, who brought the criminals to a rich house. He also said that all involved in the murder long ago found and punished."Find the ends. Only good news is that everyone who was doing it, in its place," summed up the authority. Source: mystery of the murder of the "king" chanson Michael Krug.

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