Gazmanov was rooting for Russia with validol in the hands

Gazmanov was rooting for Russia with validol in the handsThe popular singer Oleg Gazmanov, despite his advanced age, as the child was sick for our Olympians at the event in London. The artist was supported by another "star" cheerleader TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva. Both literally blew up Twitter.Recall that the London Olympics ended on Sunday with a painful victory of our volleyball players in a difficult match with the Brazilians. Initially rivals led after two sets with the score 0:2, however, the team of Vladimir Alekno has managed to snatch victory from the grasping hands of the Brazilians. One can only imagine the joy of domestic fans, to say nothing about celebrities.For example, the popular singer Oleg Gazmanov in his microblog literally minutes shared with his many readers impressions of the game our athletes. However, initially, the artist did not show any particular emotion: "Oh, boys volleyball. Tighten - there is a chance". Next, the singer clearly began to get nervous. This is evidenced by the phrase Gazmanov retail: "Started volleyball-the thrilling final of the Russia-Brazil. A pack of validol on the table, tablet in hand. Cheer for Russia...".

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