Died underwater cameraman Ron Taylor

Died underwater cameraman Ron TaylorAustralian marine ecologist Ron Taylor, who shot all of the underwater scenes of "Jaws", "the Blue lagoon" and "flipper", died of cancer on the 79 th year of life, informs "the Newspaper.ru" referring to The Guardian.Taylor, who died Sunday in a Sydney hospital, was sick with leukemia. On the death of the operator of the journalists said close family friend Andrew Fox.Ron Taylor was paired with his wife Valerie, they were responsible for the underwater filming of "Jaws" and "Jaws 2", "Blue lagoon", "return to the blue lagoon" and the TV show "flipper". In the scene in Jaws where the shark attacks the cage sitting in it the hero, the operators used a real shark, and they sat in a small cell. The couple also took a lot of documentaries about the underwater world. Source: Died underwater cameraman Ron Taylor.

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