In Berlin, a festival of culture `Constellation of Russia`

In Berlin, a festival of culture `Constellation of Russia` In Berlin these days there is a culture festival "Constellation of Russia". The event was attended by about 400 artists, some of whom are celebrities. Concerts organized in the framework of the Year of Russia in Germany.Gendarmenmarkt - the "music" area in Berlin. In an enclosed space is provided perfect acoustics, so there are often serious Symphony orchestras and give Opera. But now that accustomed to the classics the square is filled with music and dance, far from the Prim academic.This Russian folk landing here was not at all never: Russian, North Caucasus, Ural, Northern indigenous - 432 artist."Our festival is called "Constellation", because culture is multifaceted, it's cosmopolitan, it is not restricted to successful capital groups. Here are 12 creative teams, completely different genres, and with different background, with different ambitions, but all together it really is the real Russia, the Russia that we would like to introduce our German partners," - said the head of Rossotrudnichestvo Konstantin Kosachev.To assemble such a structure on the same stage even in Russia - the problem: the ensemble of Moses, the Pyatnitsky choir, folk, throat singing from the Altai and people's artist of Russia Tamara Gverdtsiteli.Here on stage, something quite familiar to the eye and ear of the Europeans that long ago learned how Russian or Russian. And here is what before, maybe never seen. It turns out that it is Russia."There is no stable ideas about Russia. Because if we say that Russia is conditional Tolstoevsky, the connection between Tolstoy and Dostoevsky, it is not that Russia, in which we live today, of course. When we want to represent Russia, it is not the Soviet Union, and it is not the Russian Empire, and is today a democratically developing country, which preserved nevertheless the signs and the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union. But at the same time that more public education," says special representative of the RF President for international cultural cooperation Mikhail Shvydkoi.But still-what it would be a "Constellation of Russia" without balalaika, accordion and song, to catch you in the chorus maybe German? Also - a-kind strategic partnership.Source: Berlin hosts the cultural festival "Constellation of Russia".

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