In the Bolshoi theatre will take place a premiere of the ballet Eifman's `Rodin`

In the Bolshoi theatre will take place a premiere of the ballet Eifman's `Rodin`In the course of two days - today and may 25 at the New stage of the Bolshoi theatre will give the European premiere of ballet of Boris Eifman "Rodin". This presentation is organized in the framework of the ongoing in the Russian capital arts Festival "Chereshnevy Les", reports the IATP-TASS.First able to assess the "Rodin" Petersburgers, because you've created a performance by Boris Eifman - the artistic Director of the St. Petersburg state ballet theatre, where in November of last year and the premiere of a new staging. And "Rodin" was shown in new York, where was a great success. And now Muscovites will see.Boris Eifman is the author of more than 40 ballets, including such known, as "Onegin", "the Seagull", "Anna Karenina", "Russian hamlet" and many others, this time devoted his choreographic opus, the great French sculptor Auguste Rodin, rather, its relations with a student and lover Camille Claudel.The story of their tragic passion. For 15 years, Rodin and Claudel were one sensual and creative whole. However, what happened between artists gap has dealt a fatal blow to the mental health of Camilla, depriving her of reason. For 30 years she was destined to spend in the hospital for the insane, where Camille Claudel died in 1943, forgotten and forsaken by all.According to critics, "the ballet of Boris Eifman "Rodin" is a large - scale artistic statement on the tragic life geniuses. Using a unique plastic language of modern psychological ballet, the choreographer is not just a new understanding of the world of human passions, masterfully explored by Rodin and Claudel in their works, but also creates a work of the unfathomable mysteries of the creative process".He Eifman so defined the meaning of his work: "the body language we speak in this play about passion, inner struggle, the despair of all the phenomena of life of the human spirit, which is brilliantly depicted by Rodin and Camille in bronze and marble. To draw frozen in stone the moment in unrestrained, emotionally intense stream of gestures - that is what I tried writing a new ballet".Starring Eifman took the leading soloists of his troupe. In the image of Rodin brought Oleg Gabyshev. The female roles will be performed by Lyubov Andreyeva (Camilla) and Nina Sievec (civil wife Rodin - rose). To dance they will be in rapid bursts of lighting plot Gleb Filshtinsky and on the background of metallic decorations Zinovy Margolin. Musical score compiled from the works of famous French composers Ravel, Massenet and Saint-saГ«ns, who were almost contemporaries of Rodin.As for the works of the sculptor, and now you can see in Moscow. Right next to the Bolshoi theatre for the first line of Gum presents a collection of copies of sculptures and reproductions of drawings by Rodin in his Paris Museum. Among the exhibits - legendary casts of sculptures "the Thinker", "Kiss", "the Eternal idol", "Hand of God". Just shows 19 sculptures, 14 graphic works and 6 photos. This exhibition will last till June 15. And she also performed in the framework of the festival "Chereshnevy Les". Source: the Grand theatre will host the premiere of the ballet Eifman's "Rodin"".

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