Alla Pugacheva, sunbathing Topless

Alla Pugacheva, sunbathing Topless All the secret sooner or later becomes apparent, especially if it's a "secret" captured on film. After 30 years in the press leaked photo of Alla Pugacheva, sunbathing Topless.Candid shots on the beach made a longtime friend Diva, photographer Michael Manekin working on it for 17 years. The singer really trusted him, for one day during the holidays asked to remove it in a very Frank way.Later Alla realized that the photo can "float" (in the USSR, this innocent prank could be regarded as pornography), and asked Michael to destroy the negatives.Well, judging by the fact that the pictures appeared in the program of the NTV channel, the request Pugacheva Manekin not fulfilled. To confess, nothing of this" we don't see them, but to show off the figure Alla Borisovna definitely not worth it. Source: Alla Pugacheva, sunbathing Topless.

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