Today in the Russian hire leaves a film `snow white and the huntsman`

Today in the Russian hire leaves a film `snow white and the huntsman` In the Russian hire 14 June comes a new - Gothic version of Snow white and the huntsman". Starring the star of "Twilight" Kristen Stewart. Together with other celebrities Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth - she gave an exclusive interview to the program "the film industry".- Mirror, mirror, tell me: who's beauty can compare with me?Gothic adaptation of the classic stories as close as possible to the original brothers Grimm - but only stylistically. The daring plot castling leads the dwarves and the perfect Prince on the second plan. Now Snow white-Stewart she is able to stand up for themselves, and exchanged the hammer of Thor on the axe Hunter Chris Hemsworth is ready to keep her company in a military campaign against stepmother the Queen played by Charlize Theron.- Taking possession of her heart, you will rule forever.Charlize, what brings you to this project?Theron: first of all, the idea of a retelling of the classic story, perelitsovki its images in a new way. So, to be bored, thoughtful and fresh. That's what I saw in the script. I always thought that the dramatic potential of "Snow white" is much wider than a children's fairy tale. That's why its questions sounds relevant today.Kristen, you played Snow white in a completely new way. How much time have taken up the study of such a heroine?Stewart: it took a few months and of course, here I have tried not one. Just look, for example, in armor, in which Snow white fights in the second half of the film. To me they were like a second skin - every detail was thoughtful and functional. Put it on, I seem to be more deeply felt the iron Princess character.Snow white became Kristen's debut action-role. The website "Filero" provides insight into kinesiograph Hollywood starlet and the example of income from films compares how to fold a stellar career captives "Twilight" out glorified the Trinity Stewart-Pattinson-Lautner vampire Saga. On the resource page can be found, including unofficial photos from the set of "Snow white" at Pinewood studios near London, which show that the actress almost never used doubles. The scene in the prison in which she had to move surrounded by dozens of rats, and the subsequent jump in the cold water, the Los Angeles native suffered stoically.Stewart: What I really fear is to ride horses. And after filming, nothing has changed - it was scary to be scary and now. Had to continually surpass yourself. Yes fence and I fear that complement the lack of skill emotions: Masha, prompt as the instincts, not the coach.Bet on the youth audience spread "Snow white" Hollywood newcomer Rupert Sanders with the same tale in the interpretation of Tarsem Singh, is designed for family viewing and costing half the price. Paintings of different genres were released with a difference in three months, but already recorded total charges of the brand 350 million dollars. And version for teenagers is already running in a multi-series franchise. According to the plans of Universal studios, "Snow white and the huntsman 2" will shoot everything the same Rupert Sanders.A detailed interview with all the stars of "Snow white" look on 15 June at 15:35 in the "film industry". All the detailed information about the filming of the picture, a report from the world premiere in London, as well as reviews, movies and just about all the main news from the world of cinema available on the website "Filero".Source: Today in the Russian hire leaves a film "Snow white and the huntsman".

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