The Swedish Princess has stolen jewels

The Swedish Princess has stolen jewelsFrom house, home to the Swedish Princess Christina, 68-year-old sister of king Carl XVI Gustaf, were stolen jewelry worth more than 850 thousand kroons (approximately 121 thousand dollars), reports The Local.The thief turned out was a 19-year-old young man who was accepted in the house of the family of the Princess. He has already confessed to the crime he was charged with theft under aggravating circumstances.Reportedly, the young man (his name is not called) came to Sweden in 2010, and later met the family of Princess Christina. She and her husband, Tord Magnuson, accepted him as a relative and often spend time together.In April 2012, a young offender stole a key to the safe with the jewels, and in may several times he visited the house to the Princess and steals jewelry. The loss of jewelry found Magnuson, who soon confessed the young thief.Among the kidnapped were rings, bracelets and other jewelry, and tiara $ 350 thousand CZK. Once the attacker stole the tiara, he threw it into the river (why he did it, not specified).Divers were searching the river bottom in Stockholm, but a tiara could not find. Most of the other decorations, as specifies the edition, the young man was sold for nine thousand kroons two marijuana dealers. He gave police a description of dealers, but on their trail so far failed to come out.All of the stolen jewelry was owned personally by Princess Christine - they have inherited from his mother, Princess Sibylla, and Gustav VI Adolf, the previous king of Sweden. The Royal family has not yet commented on the incident. Source: Swedish Princess has stolen jewels.

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