Britney Spears suffering from psoriasis

Britney Spears suffering from psoriasis According to American tabloid the National Enquirer, 30-year-old star has long suffered from chronic dermatosis, however, in connection with stress related to participation in the TV show "X-factor", the disease continues to progress.Note that psoriasis is a non infectious disease accompanied by skin lesions and itching. In the case of miss Spears psoriasis appears on the legs, particularly the feet and ankles."Britney long time suffering from psoriasis," says a source, " But because of nerves and stress associated with filming in the most popular show in the country, the disease worsened. She is having terrible itching, and does not help creams. She said that the cream of the wound bothered her even more and very sick, so she stopped using medicated serum". Source: Britney Spears suffers from psoriasis.

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