`Eurovision-2013` will be held in malmö

`Eurovision-2013` will be held in malmöThe musical contest "Eurovision-2013" will be held from 14 to 18 may in malmö in southern Sweden. The event will be attended by artists from about 40 countries.In the final of this year's contest, which was held in Baku, defeated Swedish singer Loreen with the song Euphoria, which is why the host country of the next "Eurovision" is Sweden. Until recently it was unclear on what basis the city will host the event, RIA Novosti reported.Along with malmö for the right to host the prestigious song contest fought in the Swedish city of Stockholm and Gothenburg. "The choice of the city is because there is good infrastructure. In addition, there have repeatedly been singing festivals", said the Executive producer of the contest Martin Asterdale.Malmö is a city with a population of 664 thousand people, it is the third largest in Sweden. This city has already hosted the Eurovision in 1992 after the previous year it was won by Swedish singer Carol. Most likely the competition will be held in the sports complex malmö arena, built in 2008, up more than 15 thousand people.The Eurovision song contest among member countries of the European broadcasting Union. The festival is held in the air. From each country may participate with one representative (soloist or musical band) performing the song lasting no more than three minutes. During the performance on the stage should be no more than six artists at a time. After the speech of all participants, the most popular song is determined by voting of the audience and the jury, involving all the countries that participate in the final and semifinal.The contest is held annually since 1956 and is one of the most popular non-sporting events in the world with an audience of 600 million viewers. Russia won the Eurovision song contest once. In 2008, first place was taken by singer Dima Bilan, who spoke with the song Believe. Source: Eurovision-2013" will be held in malmö.

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