Anna Semenovich and Mikhail Plotnikov shared the recipes of happiness in ZAFFERANO

Anna Semenovich and Mikhail Plotnikov shared the recipes of happiness in ZAFFERANOSeptember 24, singer and actress Anna Semenovich together with the showman, radio and TV presenter Mikhail Plotnikov made a real holiday food and taste in one of the capital's best restaurants ZAFFERANO. Thus, the stellar tandem celebrated the one hundredth edition of the cooking show "the Lady and the cook", which overlooks one of the Central TV channels.An experienced chef Mikhail Plotnikov in front of astonished spectators and the guests gave a master class in cooking crayfish in honey sauce and an amazing salad of figs to his disciple and co-host - Anna Semenovich.To participate in the master class, to try brand cancers and congratulate Plotnikov and S. happy anniversary shows, had numerous friends and colleagues: Director, television and film producer Janik Fayziev, TV presenter Alexander Oleshko, a group of "Ying Yang", the musicians Oleg Yakovlev and Alexey Serov, Olympic champion Anastasia Grebenkina, artist Daniil Fedorov, and others."I didn't expect there are so many of my fans - frankly admitted before the beginning of gastronomic presentation Mikhail Plotnikov. - I hope to be able to overcome the excitement and prepare the recipe. To help me today, as usual - lovely lady Anna Semenovich, and the result will evaluate to all of you!".

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