Died people's artist Andrei Mylnikov

Died people's artist Andrei MylnikovIn St. Petersburg in 94-m to year of life has died Andrei Mylnikov - people's artist of the USSR, Vice-President of the Russian Academy of arts. He came to art, when victorious in the war the country needed the latter. He created a gorgeous mosaic on the metro in the style of socialist realism.Andrei Mylnikov worked on the design of theatre for Young audiences in Leningrad. One of the most famous of his works - a portrait of Lenin on the curtain of the hall of the Kremlin Palace of congresses.In addition Mylnikov famous easel painting - portraits, landscapes, compositions on military topics. More than 50 years he taught at the St. Petersburg Academy of arts. He has hundreds of talented students. For example, they participated in the restoration of the Temple of Christ the Savior in Moscow. Source: Died people's artist Andrei Mylnikov.

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