Naomi Campbell was spotted in Ibiza

Naomi Campbell was spotted in Ibiza The model with her lover, a Russian businessman Vladislav Doronin, these days rest in Ibiza.That's just Naomi and Vladislav prefer different for a meaningful pastime. So Doronin, almost out of the water and bathed in shorts and t-shirt, but his beloved, on the contrary, enjoys revealing her muscular body warm rays of the sun. In addition, even on vacation Naomi does not stop to think about good physical shape: beauty did water aerobics and yoga.Everyone who was at that time on the beach, said trim figure 42-year-old Campbell, who is in perfect shape: smooth skin, muscles pumped, no cellulite. Agree, that body boasts not every woman, exchanging the 5th a dozen. Source: Naomi Campbell was spotted in Ibiza.

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