Robert Pattinson has forgiven incorrect Kristen Stewart

Robert Pattinson has forgiven incorrect Kristen StewartWell! And you were worried! All will go well for them, and they will live happily ever after! As it became known from the words of a close friend Rob, the actor has finally responded to a phone call wrong Kristen. The pair talked long and even agreed to meet.Is the heart of the actor faltered after he saw the shirt that says "Kristen Stewart is a prostitute", which is now being sold via the Internet. Rob felt sorry for her friend, which gave just the unprecedented persecution and he decided to forgive her to try to start over.By the way, the paparazzi started talking about a possible reunion of the pair last week when he saw Pattinson on one of the streets of London in glasses Kristen. "Rob and Kristen always wore clothes with each other, when they lived together, and the fact that they didn't stop doing it, could be a signal that it's finished," said a source close to the pair. Source: Robert Pattinson forgave incorrect Kristen Stewart.

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