Stars and their four-legged friends

Stars and their four-legged friends What unites Josh Duhamel, Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Jackman, Justin Timberlake and other screen celebrities? "Beauty and sexuality" - you will answer and will, no doubt, right.But there is another similarity. They all love dogs and believe four-legged companions your real friends.Matthew McConaughey and his dog BJ always seen together at a morning jog. The actor admits that the dog believes a member of his family.Josh Duhamel and his wife Fergie live two cute Dachshund: Zoe and Meatloaf. Celebrity couple sheltered Mitlof in June of this year, and since then Dumel became active supporters of custody of the animals.John legend and his bulldog Paddy - closer friends to be found.The Liam Hemsworth and his fiancee Miley Cyrus have a whole flock of animals, including five dogs: Floyd, Happy, Mary Jane (pictured), ziggy and Leela. Cheerful company.Hugh Jackman is the man of the Renaissance. This talented actor, and family man, and Broadway star, and a caring father to his adorable French bulldog named PICES.Justin Timberlake and his fiancee Jessica Biel big fans of dogs. JT is the proud owner of two boxers named Buckley and Brennan, while the Beat is crazy about cute pit bull Tina.For Ryan Gosling's dog George is his entire family. The actor often wears it to work and even came with him to the interview with Jimmy Kimmel. The dog, incidentally, approved the selection of Ryan, Eva Mendes, which even allows you to absent yourself from time to time.After Kellan Lutz took a dog named Cola from a shelter, he became a member of PETA. The guy fully supports the motto: "don't buy - Get out of the shelter!". It is said that when the shooting went the next part of "Twilight" - "the Dawn", he had not seen the dog for 7 months and really missed her.They say that Ian Somerhalder loves cats. But more reliable is the fact that the actor is crazy about all animals, for which he wants to build an orphanage.Zac Efron enchanted with his Australian shepherd. He loves to pose with her in front of the lens, and then post them on Twitter. His satisfied look that says: "like, friends!".

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