Brubeck Brothers gave a concert in Moscow

Brubeck Brothers gave a concert in Moscow At the Moscow Philharmonic held a concert of world-famous Quartet Brubeck brothers. Along with him were well-known Russian musicians Igor Butman, Vladislav Lavrik, Maxim Rubtsov.On the stage, as in life, they are always there. Two brothers - Chris and Dan Brubeck. They are the sons of legendary jazz man Dave Brubeck. Together they lead the Quartet Brubeck Brothers, together in the best jazz festivals in Newport and Detroit, come together on stage with the London and Philadelphia Symphony orchestras and draw full houses. Before the speech at the Moscow state academic Philharmonic society give interviews together too."We never had competition. We play various instruments. Chris - trombone and bases guitarist, I'm a drummer," says Dan Brubeck."You know, it's like baseball - somebody catches, and someone throws, and one without the other," Chris explains.In Quartet Brubeck Brothers "brothers in blood" only two - Chris and Dan. Last more than twenty years of touring as an independent musician, leads his group of Dolphins. Chris is the leader of the funk-Blues band Triple Play and composer. Critics even called it "the new Gershwin and Leonard Bernstein the 21st century" for the love of mixing styles, which combines classical, folk and rock.But the pianist Chuck lamb and guitarist Mike De Micco musicians jokingly nicknamed "honoredbrothers" - "honorary brothers". In the group they came in early two-thousand already as musicians with the name. Chuck in the mid-90s, he founded a pioneering jazz fusion group Dry Jack, and Mike managed to take part in the largest jazz festivals."Yes, "honorary brothers" - as we call them. We go way back. Mike, the guitarist, we played together more, sad to say, thirty years! And Chuck and Mike were in the same group even before we first met," says Dan Brubeck.Rehearsal lasts two and a half hours. No coffee breaks. You need to have time to "run" the entire program with soloists of the Russian National orchestra flutist Maxim Scar and trumpeter Vladislav Lavrik, while Igor Butman not reached by the Moscow Philharmonic from the airport. In Moscow, just hours before the concert he came from Japan, where he performed at the festival in Kanazawa. But, he says, when he saw Chris and Dan, about fatigue immediately forgot.With Brubeck Brothers Igor Butman performed in 1987, when Dave Brubeck with his sons Chris and Dan came to the Soviet Union. In the press, the tour was called " the next big thing in "iron curtain". Himself Brubeck-senior later recalled that with such inspiration, as in the USSR, did not play half a dozen years. Recording of a concert in Moscow, he even issued a separate plate."We are all influenced by the great Dave Brubeck. Sons too, of course, but Chris is their language, their songs, and their vision. Every musician wants to get away from their idol, even if he is your father," says Igor Butman.The program only works by Chris Brubeck. Each with a romantic name: "Dunes at dawn", "the Hunt for the soul", "Blues and more". The first ovation, as usual, after the first song. During the intermission, Chris and Dan will share that regret that can't come to the capital with his father, Dave Brubeck. This year he turns 92 years. But a warm welcome in his beloved Moscow could be the best gift.Source: Brubeck Brothers gave a concert in Moscow.



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