Kirkorov counsel has publicly insulted Timati

Kirkorov counsel has publicly insulted TimatiRelationships in the Russian show business can hardly be called civilized, because we are unlikely to see the reconciliation of the two stars - the king of pop Philip Kirkorov and Mr. Black Star Timati. It would seem that the scandal around their persons have died down, but as they say, there it was.But this time, the insults came not from some "tweets", and was pronounced publicly and not by the artists, and a representative of Philip, or rather his lawyer. The incident occurred at the awards ceremony, Fashion People Awards. For unknown reasons, Kirkorov was not able to come personally to receive the statuette he won in the nomination "the best of the Best". As we know, recently the singer decided to move away from high-profile events and to rid yourself of public attention. The evening he spent at a birthday Maxim Galkin, the husband of his ex-wife, Alla Pugacheva.Despite the lack of artist for Fashion People Awards, he still managed to annoy the young opponent. Instead Philip award went to get his lawyer, Alexander Dobrovinsky, who on behalf of the star gave the following words:"Philip asked me to pass on a huge thank you for this award, and I personally promise you, if this statue suddenly dust at his house, then I'll wash it with dandruff shampoo named "Timothy".The words of Alexander caused a stir in the hall. It is not surprising, because Timothy and Philip are prominent and popular people, but it seems that they have forgotten what is appropriate behavior and allow myself to stoop to petty insults. Each of them is ready to go to court, just waiting for the other claim. "Go to court on the great need, and there's even a small don't have to go. But when Philip asks to go with him to court, I'd love to," says his lawyer. Source: Attorney Kirkorov publicly insulted Timati.

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