Timothy will give a farewell concert in Russia

Timothy will give a farewell concert in RussiaPopular Russian rap artist Timati announced the completion of concert activity in Russia. The famous singer chose to realize itself in the West.The unexpected news has shocked many fans of Timothy. The artist decided to realize their full musical potential abroad and announced that it would stop his concert activity in Russia. But Timothy has just decided not to part with his fans and promises a farewell concert to be held in November. Interestingly, the artist with the organization of the event will help the famous singer Grigory Leps.The artist is so popular at home that his decision to complete his concert activity in Russia seems very strange. However, Timothy did not explain any reason. According to "7 days", the decision to stop giving concerts in Russia Timati adopted independently. The fact that the rap artist has long records duets with international stars, and his songs are heard on the world's best dance floors, so the decision to completely switch to overseas career looks quite natural.Meanwhile, evil tongues say that Timothy decided to "minimize" their activities due to the protracted conflict with pop king Philip Kirkorov. Allegedly, the young artist could lean on, it is no wonder vigilant journalists have noted the increased number of guards at the rap star.We will remind, the conflict between Philip Kirkorov and Timati began their correspondence in one of the social networks that publicly hung young performer. Timothy said that he considered the choice of the winners of the tenth awards ceremony "Muz-TV", "inadequate" and proposed his version of the victors. Kirkorov said Timothy in a very instructive manner, which he could not withstand, resulting in the calling of Philip "the Scarecrow" and noting that he's not one of his "cock cage." Kirkorov, after a pause, to the scandal died down a bit, sadly noted that he was disappointed in Timothy. In the end, domestic show-business has literally divided into two camps: those who for Timothy, and those who are for Kirkorov. Only a few chose to remain neutral and begged not to quarrel on the universal vision.However, the conflict between the two celebrities is not over. Timothy shot a video on a popular video "Davidovicova" where he ridiculed not only the king of pop, but the whole show business. In his new song Timati and his friends reveal the urgent problems of domestic show business. The rapper explained his action: "the System of Russian show business, which was built many years ago, no longer works. It does not display the reality - we have to wear masks to penetrate barriers, but we are tired! We for a quality product and for more open access new names to the market". Source: Timati will give a farewell concert in Russia.

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