The Church in horror waiting for the arrival of Madonna in Russia

The Church in horror waiting for the arrival of Madonna in RussiaWhile Madonna travels around the world, stunning her fans with new and new antics, the religious world goes crazy with impudence and indecency Queen of pop.Senior Ministers of the Orthodox Church in indignation and horror await the arrival of the controversial stars to Russia. And there is why. Once Madonna crucified himself on the cross, which caused a storm of criticism not only among the clergy, but also of believers.Madonna's concert in our country I think it is regrettable event. It is a pity that the responsible people were allowed her performances. And because it is a known Satanist and comunica! - so the priest Alexander Shumsky says the behavior of the pop diva. - I demand the cancellation of its arrival and urge people to support my initiative.The singer promised to support the gay community during her concert in St. Petersburg. It caused resentment on the part of administrative personnel. Here believe that Russia is a country of great culture and people with different sexual orientation has no place in an educated society.Read also: Nudity, burning crosses and Masturbation: scandals Madonna in picturesOther "experts" modern morality rightly believe that Madonna herself has become a hostage of its image. And would like to change, but there is no way back. Your thoughts on this willingly shared theologian Vladimir Semenko:"Project "Madonna", was a project, and the ultimate responsibility lies not with the, in General minded young lady, who, incidentally, had escaped from a Catholic boarding school and began his concert career at a strip bar as a stripper, and the people who are ideologues of this project - it is based on an elaborate system of blasphemies".While critics try to find the right adjectives for 53-year-old singer and religious fans tearing posters and spit adored by millions on the way, the star herself was feeling great and continues to win fans incredible concert performances.Whatever is not built its popularity, one thing is clear - she was and still is number one in pop music. And while youth attacks on her heel, she deftly drops them from its path and proudly goes forward, not paying attention to gossip. Source: the Church in horror waiting for the arrival of Madonna in Russia.

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