Vera Brezhnev spoke about the difficult childhood

Vera Brezhnev spoke about the difficult childhoodA famous singer, former soloist of the girl group "VIA Gra" and the sex symbol of the national scene Vera Brezhnev admitted that as a child often suffered from bullying and even experienced hunger.Few could assume that the acknowledged beauty with a perfect figure Vera Brezhnev in childhood was awkward bespectacled girl, which often got from the boys. However, recently popular singer literally with tears in his eyes, he admitted that the child did not have data model and lived from hand to mouth. According to NTV, the future star Vera Galushka grew up in a poor family with many children. Father after a car accident became disabled, and his mother mopping the floors at the chemical plant and secretly carried out the bars of soap to make ends meet.Secular chroniclers even found teachers of Vera Brezhneva. She told me that a hungry student did not just come to her to just ask for food. Faith was even forced to work as a dishwasher after school. Beautiful and feminine Brezhnev was when a year after graduation, gave birth to daughter Sophia. But remember the father of her first child - Vitaly Voychenko singer doesn't like. After all, they were not even married.By the way, recently shared their memories about another performer and actor Nikita Dzhigurda. The actor told that he nearly lost his youngest daughter ava-Vlada. Newborn baby wave knocked right out of the hands of the mother, the former figure skater Marina Anisina those.The incident occurred two years ago, but only now shocking the artist decided to tell about this accident. "Two years ago we were vacationing in Turkey on the Mediterranean sea. Marina decided to go swimming with a newborn ava, and then a huge wave swept over her and knocked her out of hand. Wave dragged ava a few meters, thank God, to the shore and not out to sea. People on the shore grabbed her legs and pulled out," - said Nikita Dzhigurda in a recent interview. Source: Vera Brezhnev spoke about the difficult childhood.

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