Lady GaGa appeared on the cover of Maxim magazine

Lady GaGa appeared on the cover of Maxim magazine Outrageous singer Lady GaGa appeared in a sexy photo shoot for men's magazine Maxim Australia.26-year-old American actress has appeared in the pages of the July issue of the popular men's magazine in revealing costumes - leather lingerie, negligees and transparent tops.An interview with the magazine was no less provocative than the actual photo shoot. GaGa commented on her sex life and shared with readers his attitude towards homosexuals:"For me, no matter who will be in my bed - male or female, it depends on the person, the singer says," I don't want to discuss his personal life, but I will say one thing - I would be very happy if everyone on the planet were gay". Source: Lady GaGa appeared on the cover of Maxim magazine.



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