Nyusha tried on the image of long-haired blonde

Nyusha tried on the image of long-haired blonde Lady Gaga has become quite Mature. It has long been not just a daddy's girl, which puts the opinions of parents, first and foremost. The singer has grown and changed so much. Now lady Gaga is a real star and it is felt not only in her appearance, but in literally every movement of the girl.And they, in the new clip, she demonstrated visible-invisible. Video, like all the previous songs Nyusha, very dynamic. There she appeared in several images, one of which is the image of long-haired blondes.Of course, we all understand that repaint their beautiful hair Nyusha for these purposes did not. She just tried on the wig, give the opportunity to everyone who has ever asked the question, not whether to change the singer's image, to see that in his usual style she looks amazing harmony. Source: lady Gaga tried on the image of long-haired blonde.

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