The paparazzi managed to capture a pregnant Shakira

The paparazzi managed to capture a pregnant Shakira Rumors about the pregnancy of Shakira will appear in the summer. Since then has passed more than five months and not a singer, nor her fiancГ©, defender of the Catalan "Barcelona" Gerard Pique, have not confirmed this information.He did not deny it either. Herself Shakira somehow suddenly disappeared from sight: at social events, in the eyes of the paparazzi almost did not come across.In this case, "Shaq" (this is singer called fans), regularly continued to publish the photos in his microblog. However, on all shots, she was shown exclusively at the breast.And now, the paparazzi finally managed to capture the pregnant singer. Judging by the solid belly, the pregnancy is already impressive - not less than 6 months. Congratulations to the future parents. Source: Paparazzi managed to capture a pregnant Shakira.

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