Julia Nachalova urgently admitted to the hospital

Julia Nachalova urgently admitted to the hospitalThe Russian singer was taken by Ambulance from the airport in Los Angeles, where she arrived to record the album.Popular Russian singer Julia Nachalova was urgently hospitalized at the airport in Los Angeles, where she flew in to record a new album. What happened to the girl, as yet unknown, but media reported that doctors assess the condition of the artist as heavy.According to the press, Julia felt ill while on Board the aircraft. As soon as the aircraft landed, the medics were called. After examination, the girl decided to be hospitalized in one of the nearby clinics.Julia was on the verge between life and death, - told "KP" the press attache of the singer Anna Isaeva. - It is now in the hospital under the care of American doctors. I still can't get through to her, so the cause of the incident is still unknown. According to the information of third parties, I found that her condition had stabilized. To her urgently left father Victor Nachalo.According to "Express newspaper", he's the only member of his family was a valid American visa. And beloved artist hockey player Alexander Frolov to go overseas until may - athlete is now in training camp.In America, Yulia Nachalova flies regularly, say Days.ru. In the U.S. in 2010, the singer began recording a new English-language album. The working title of the album - "Wild Butterfly" ("wild butterfly"), says "Work". In addition, in Los Angeles Nachalova and Frolov have their own housing. Source: Yulia Nachalova urgently admitted to the hospital.

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