Alena Vodonaeva will become the new presenter of the show `Holiday in Mexico`

Alena Vodonaeva will become the new presenter of the show `Holiday in Mexico`Former member of the reality show "Dom-2", a popular presenter Alena Vodonaeva will replace the left "Vacation in Mexico" Jeanne Friske.Interestingly, Jeanne Friske, who spent two seasons of the popular show "Vacation in Mexico", explained its withdrawal fatigue hot climate of the country. Because for the work of the popular singer spent almost seven months in a year. Now Jeanne is planning for a vacation in Italy with her lover, a popular leading Dmitry Shepelev. However, many secular chroniclers suspect that Friske may be trying to hide a pregnancy, of which there have been persistent rumors for several weeks."It's a pity that Joan no longer will be leading this project. We are all very accustomed to, and to see instead someone else would be strange. But I'm sure Alena Vodonaeva with this role will cope not worse than the previous one" - I quote one of the participants of the reality show Life News.It is reported that Alain Vodonaeva for several weeks now starring in the new series of the third season of the TV show. Moreover, it sure will be a worthy replacement for Joan. After all once she herself lived under round-the-clock sight of the cameras and knows firsthand all the details of these reality shows.Alena Vodonaeva optimistic about the future of his new job. She said: "I went to the Villa as a home and not a bit worried how I will perceive what to think. I'm sure that with time we will find common language with children - because they are not much younger than me. And, of course, you can't fool me, I anyone going to find out. To outsmart me! I find each approach. I could caress and soothe, and be able and tightly lay siege or to scold, if you guys will go against the rules".By the way, from the microblog Alena Vodonaevoy it follows that it is more resting than working. Popular host actively communicates with his many friends and fans and happy for all their fresh photos from the Islands. So, the other day Vodonaeva noted 30 years and literally in the mode of direct broadcast reported each received the gift. Source: Alena Vodonaeva will become the new presenter of the show "Vacation in Mexico"".

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