In the Bolshoi theatre brought provocative `don Giovanni`

In the Bolshoi theatre brought provocative `don Giovanni` Tour of the famous La Scala open the season at the Bolshoi theatre. The Italians brought a new, somewhat provocative version of "don Giovanni". And in addition - the Museum tells the history of the show.The new season in a Big open touring Italian La Scala. Three times the Moscow audience will be able to listen Mozart Opera "don Giovanni" directed by Robert Carsen. Behind the Board - Daniel Barenboim, best singing voice - a real constellation.This play was staged less than a year ago. Criticism towards him he used the term "soft porn". In the sense of erotica this performance clearly resonates with provocative don Giovanni, staged recently by the Bolshoi.Favorite Director Robert Carsen theater in the theater when it is unclear where the game where life. Here at the dress rehearsal everything turned out in the spirit of Carsen. Don Giovanni with Leporello has already rushed into the auditorium and go to the stage and scared the ushers still seated guests. Decorations - white photographs of the interiors of the Teatro Alla Scala. The perspective emphasized by many of the scenes. Somewhere in the middle of the curtain. It's complicated, and pointedly Italian stylish and elegant.Artistic Director of the theater La Scala, Stephane Lissner explains: "During the Overture from the audience on stage running man and rips the curtain. There is a large mirror which reflects the viewer. So the viewer becomes part of the story. But the person who rips the curtain, is himself a don Juan.The concept of Robert Carsen is that don Juan is the Director and participant in the events on stage. The party takes the voluptuary Peter Mattei, it's one of his signature roles. At the dress rehearsal a full house - who else but the Italians could demonstrate that Bel Canto.In the theatre Museum opened an exhibition of luxurious costumes. This is the story of four landmark productions of "don Giovanni" at La Scala since 1955, when the artistic Director was the great Herbert von Karajan, and ending the play, directed by George Stellarum. This "don Giovanni" went to La Scala for over 20 years, and it was replaced by the current production, which is already being called a landmark. The Bolshoi's "don Giovanni" will give 6, 8 and 10 September.Source: Grand theatre brought provocative "don Giovanni".

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