Melanie Griffith doesn't forget about fashionable clothes

Melanie Griffith doesn't forget about fashionable clothes Actress and fifty tries not to forget about fancy clothes. And let anyone think that t-shirts and skinny jeans only look good on young girls, Melanie Griffith personal example proves that at 55 you can look stylish.Yesterday, reporters captured the actress in Beverly hills, and from a distance it could be mistaken for some sort of Jennifer aniston, good figure perfectly allows 55-year-old star to dress in the style of younger colleagues. Source: Melanie Griffith has not forgotten about fashionable clothes . . . . Читать полностью -->

Stewart moved to his friend Giovanni of conceptual premise

Stewart moved to his friend Giovanni of conceptual premiseAfter Robert Pattinson through friends asked Kristan Stewart to leave their shared home in Los Angeles, she went to his friend, producer Giovanni of conceptual premise. Robert interpreted this move as another betrayal.The Kristan Stewart decided not to return to the parental home, because then she wouldn't be able to cope with the increased attention of the paparazzi. However, Robert Pattinson took her moving to the conceptual premise as another betrayal.According to sources close to the actress, Pattinson familiar with the producer. However, the effect of the Kristan made him even more jealous lover. The source said that at four o'clock in the morning Robert called Giovanni and threatened him. He wanted to know why his ex-girlfriend lives with him and even brought up on charges that he allegedly sleeping with Kristan.Note that Rupert Sanders - the Director of the film snow white and the Huntsman, with whom the Kristan cheated on Robert - was much easier to return the love. Читать полностью -->

Presents the first Russian work to the `Cannes lions`-2012

Presents the first Russian work to the `Cannes lions`-2012Russian creative Agency from mid-may began to submit work that they sent to the festival "Cannes lions 2012.So, on may 28, portal AdMe said that BBDO has presented a series of prints sent to Cannes in the nomination the nomination Press and Outdoor Lions (advertising in the press and outdoor advertising).A series of prints made for the Fund for the protection of the environment, WWF and is called "One". On black-and-white campaign posters depicted endangered animals, "composed" of continents.BBDO Moscow has not yet provided the other works that will compete for prizes at the "Cannes lions".The Agency just starting to show the cases that they sent for the award. For example, Ogilvy & Mather Moscow will present in "Cannes" advertising campaign remedy against erectile dysfunction, representing a series of viral videos about a man with an unusual anatomical feature."The ribbon." also became known that the company of Leo Burnett Russia will present at the "Cannes lions" series of prints for processed cheese "happy milkman" "From cows with a gentle nature". In addition to the contest was sent manifested in the cold print for airline S7, are designed for a foreign audience.Also Leo Burnett Russia sends at Cannes lions work for WWF: mobile app "Save a tree". Using this application user can calculate how much wood raw material was used for the creation of a book. The app is made in collaboration with Google and aim to attract users to read books electronically, thus reducing paper consumption.In 2011, at Cannes lions" from Russia was sent to 295 applications. Читать полностью -->

In Berlin, a festival of culture `Constellation of Russia`

In Berlin, a festival of culture `Constellation of Russia` In Berlin these days there is a culture festival "Constellation of Russia". The event was attended by about 400 artists, some of whom are celebrities. Concerts organized in the framework of the Year of Russia in Germany.Gendarmenmarkt - the "music" area in Berlin. In an enclosed space is provided perfect acoustics, so there are often serious Symphony orchestras and give Opera. But now that accustomed to the classics the square is filled with music and dance, far from the Prim academic.This Russian folk landing here was not at all never: Russian, North Caucasus, Ural, Northern indigenous - 432 artist."Our festival is called "Constellation", because culture is multifaceted, it's cosmopolitan, it is not restricted to successful capital groups. Here are 12 creative teams, completely different genres, and with different background, with different ambitions, but all together it really is the real Russia, the Russia that we would like to introduce our German partners," - said the head of Rossotrudnichestvo Konstantin Kosachev.To assemble such a structure on the same stage even in Russia - the problem: the ensemble of Moses, the Pyatnitsky choir, folk, throat singing from the Altai and people's artist of Russia Tamara Gverdtsiteli.Here on stage, something quite familiar to the eye and ear of the Europeans that long ago learned how Russian or Russian. Читать полностью -->

Daniel Radcliffe will play the lead role in the film `Horns`

Daniel Radcliffe will play the lead role in the film `Horns`Star of films about Harry Potter British actor Daniel Radcliffe will play a major role in the new film directed by Alexander Azha "Horns" (Horns), reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to the publication Digital Spy.In the story, the main character is falsely accused of murdering his girlfriend. One morning he discovers that he has on his head grow horns, which give the hero a magical force - force people to confess to crimes. New feature hero Daniel Radcliffe uses to find the real killer of his girlfriend.The author of the script of the film will make the son of a famous writer Stephen king Joe hill.Previously it was assumed that the main role in the film will perform Shia LaBeouf, memorable to the audience of "Transformers".Alexander Azha - French film Director, author of the films "Piranha 3D" (2010), "the hills have eyes" (2006), "Bloody harvest" (2003). The shooting of "Horns" Azha plans to start at the end of this year. Source: Daniel Radcliffe will play the lead role in "Horns"". . Читать полностью -->

Kate Beckinsale in his youth

Kate Beckinsale in his youth Kate Beckinsale in a photoshoot by Alan Strutt.Source: Kate Beckinsale in his youth . . . . . . Читать полностью -->

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