Gazmanov was rooting for Russia with validol in the hands

Gazmanov was rooting for Russia with validol in the handsThe popular singer Oleg Gazmanov, despite his advanced age, as the child was sick for our Olympians at the event in London. The artist was supported by another "star" cheerleader TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva. Both literally blew up Twitter.Recall that the London Olympics ended on Sunday with a painful victory of our volleyball players in a difficult match with the Brazilians. Initially rivals led after two sets with the score 0:2, however, the team of Vladimir Alekno has managed to snatch victory from the grasping hands of the Brazilians. One can only imagine the joy of domestic fans, to say nothing about celebrities.For example, the popular singer Oleg Gazmanov in his microblog literally minutes shared with his many readers impressions of the game our athletes. However, initially, the artist did not show any particular emotion: "Oh, boys volleyball. Читать полностью -->

Mystery murders `king` chanson Michael Krug

Mystery murders `king` chanson Michael Krug10 years later, friends of the Circle in the criminal world found that happened in his house on the fatal night.There are many versions of the murder of the "king" chanson Michael Krug. One by one, the attackers wanted to steal the original copy of the new disc, on the other - just tried to Rob in the third one acted on the order.According to NTV, ten years after the murder of Michael Krug, Alexander North, the thief in law nicknamed the North, and his friends of the criminal world found out what happened in the singer's house.The authority stated that the murder is entirely coincidental and no alleged earlier order was not. Indeed, in the first days after the murder, he decided that the Circle ordered it - North - personal enemies."Was not an order for Misha, but just the circumstances. Went to steal and didn't know that he'll be back. He returned to the family, and this situation turned out",- quotes crime boss channel.North hinted that behind the attackers worked another man, who brought the criminals to a rich house. He also said that all involved in the murder long ago found and punished."Find the ends. Читать полностью -->

`Soulless` led the top of the Russian box office

`Soulless` led the top of the Russian box office The Russian film "soulless", the film adaptation of the novel by Sergei Minaev, beat competitors from Hollywood and led the top film distribution in Russia.The film is about the life of 29-year-old top-Manager for the first weekend attracted more than 160 million rubles, according to NBC Universal. "Soulless" was ahead by starting to the results of the "time Loop" with Bruce Willis and "taken 2", the sequel to producer Luke Sleepless, with Liam NeesonNote that for the first time over the past year, the Russian film came around to hire American competitors. According to data from social networks, many viewers already went on an adaptation of the novel by Sergei Minaev twice.In the struggle with foreign paintings "soulless" has broken another record, showing the best this year start among Russian films. Previous leaders, "August the eighth" and "8 first dates" earned at the time 141 and 125 million rubles, respectively.The protagonist of the film Director Roman Prygunov - 29-year-old senior Executive of a major international Bank named Max. He is confident that life is good, because he has what many can't even dream of: an expensive car, a penthouse and parties.His life Maxim spends on making money, and the money - at Nightclubs, girls, cocaine and other attributes, the so-called glamorous life. But at some point the hero comes to the realization that with his life, something is wrong. Читать полностью -->

In the Louvre for the first time in history held a fashion show

In the Louvre for the first time in history held a fashion showIn the Louvre for the first time in history held a fashion show. According to the Associated Press, Tuesday, June 12, at the Museum in a wing of the gallery Denon passed the defile, which showed a collection of Italian fashion house Salvatore Ferragamo.The management of the Louvre allowed the Italian fashion house to organize a show in the Museum building, as the brand Salvatore Ferragamo is a sponsor of the exhibition dedicated to the unfinished painting by Leonardo da Vinci's "Saint Anne with the Madonna and Christ child" (exhibition runs from 29 March to 25 June 2012). Creative Director of the fashion house Massimiliano Giornettii, in turn, noted that he was inspired by the aesthetics of the Louvre and methods of work of French designers.According to the Agency, the main colors of this collection are beige and white. The model presented dresses, suits and handbags and boots made of snake skin. On the show Salvatore Ferragamo was attended by fashion critics and representatives of the art world.Home Salvatore Ferragamo founded designer shoes and designer Salvatore Ferragamo. He began his career in 1900-ies and has worked with many Hollywood stars of the 1920's. Читать полностью -->

Keira Knightley on the cover of Vogue

Keira Knightley on the cover of Vogue British actress keira Knightley has starred in a fashion photo shoot for the October issue of Vogue magazine.The author of a glamorous photoshoot featuring 27-year-old beauty became famous Mario Testino. It is noteworthy that on the cover of "the Bible of fashion" Cyrus appeared in a luxurious white Chanel dress.In an interview with the magazine the actress admitted that he always wanted to play the legendary women:"I'm not interested in making films with sex scenes, but sometimes to play a real legend is impossible without the participation of Frank episodes, "she says," When I begin to get in the way of her character, I try not to think about their own moral principles. For example, to play Anna Karenina I was incredibly curious. She is a real manipulator, it is very conceited. She stepped over one's own moral principles, and the shame and self-loathing that she experienced throughout her life, doing her persona is very exciting". Source: keira Knightley on the cover of Vogue . Читать полностью -->

Madonna spoke out in support of their tour

Madonna spoke out in support of their tourAmerican pop singer Madonna made a statement in defense of his tour and is being demonstrated at the show. The text published on the website of the singer.World tour Madonna's album "MDNA" is accompanied by regular scandals. In particular, the singer was criticized to use on stage dummy weapons, threatened to court for frames with a swastika, and in Russia has been criticized for support of Pussy Riot and sexual minorities."My show is a journey. The journey of the soul from darkness to light... from anger to love, from chaos to order", - reads the statement of the Madonna. "It is true that in the beginning of the show a lot of violence, and sometimes I use prop guns - but it's used as a metaphor. Читать полностью -->

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