Died a famous playwright Eduard Volodarsky

Died a famous playwright Eduard VolodarskyFamous Soviet and Russian screenwriter, playwright and novelist Eduard Volodarsky died in Moscow on 72-m to year of life.Volodarsky was born 3 February 1941 in Kharkov. In 1947 he moved to Moscow. He graduated from the scriptwriting faculty of the all-Union state Institute of cinematography.He debuted in cinema with the movie "the Sixth summer" in 1967, said RIA Novosti.In 1987 Edward Volodarsky together with father Valentine Black and Valery freedom have created a Studio "the Word" on "Mosfilm" from 1998 to the Blues worked as chief editor of the Studio.In his scripts filmed more than 70 films. The most famous of them - "Check on roads", "at home among strangers, a stranger among us", "Emelyan Pugachev", "Demidov", "My friend Ivan Lapshin", "goodbye punks Zamoskvoretskaya...", "Moonzund".He is the author of several books and eleven plays. His first play, "our Debts" (1973) was immediately delivered Oleg Efremov, Moscow art Theatre, and then went in more than a hundred theaters in the Soviet Union. No less success enjoyed the play "Leaving, look around you" (1975).Among of books written by him: "a Russian, or a crime without punishment", "his own war", "the Diary of a suicide", "skull Buster". Читать полностью -->

Died legendary astronaut Neil Armstrong

Died legendary astronaut Neil Armstrong About the death of legendary astronaut Neil Armstrong, who died August 25 at the 83rd year of his life, gave all the world's media. In addition to American TV channels, which, in theory, were supposed to be the first in this matter.In the end, the viewers in the United States learned of the death of the conqueror of the moon's last, reports the Washington Post.By historical standards, Neil Armstrong was one of the most important people in the Land to which the astronaut looked from a distance of many light years in July 1969. However, the staff most of the American media, apparently, had different ideas. A few hours later after the Internet appeared the first reports of the death of Armstrong, the local TV stations as if nothing had happened went to the weather reports, the evening talk shows and reruns of series entertainment series.It seemed that the upcoming Republican national Convention bother Americans much more than the death of one of the most prominent people in the entire history of the country. Oddly enough, the reasons for this "ignoring" the reality may be quite ordinary. First, Armstrong died in Cincinnati on Saturday night. Читать полностью -->

Anna Sedokova boasted a perfect figure

Anna Sedokova boasted a perfect figure Slender long legs, flat stomach, firm Breasts that Harris appeared on their new photo.Judging by the comments that the girl left on his page in the social network, excellent physical shape, which Anna showed in the pictures, she does need regular workouts in the gym. The singer decided to give some advice to girls who dream of a slim figure."1.Not to save on the subscription . 50%of your success in this business depends on the people around you and the atmosphere. 't find room under the house ,there you can go at any time. Locate the room with the beautiful people for which you would like to come every day and do . I, personally, begin to run when next to me shakes biceps Dr. Читать полностью -->

Anna Semenovich will be leading the contest `New wave`

Anna Semenovich will be leading the contest `New wave`One of the most sexy performers of domestic show business Anna Semenovich arrived to Jurmala to lead the musical contest "New wave". The artist has replaced the controversial TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak.Popular singer and actress Anna Semenovich first arrived to Jurmala as a leading musical contest "New wave". The actress along with Vera Brezhneva, Alexander Revva, Ivan Dorn, Sergey Lazarev and Lera Kudryavtseva will conduct the contest concert, which traditionally takes place in the hall "Dzintari". However, at the opening ceremony, Anna conquered the audience, overshadowing a recognized beauties of domestic show business.Semenovich was released to the public in a slinky red dress to the floor, which on one side had a high slit and showing slender tanned leg celebrity. Not without branded Anne neckline. Bust beauty seductively peeking from behind the outfit, literally beckoning photographers. Читать полностью -->

David Duchovny again divorces his wife

David Duchovny again divorces his wifePopular Hollywood actor, star of TV series "the x-files" David Duchovny again divorces his wife, actress Tea Leoni.It is noteworthy that the acting couple David Duchovny and Tea Leoni have repeatedly said that getting a divorce, but never brought the case to the end. For example, last year, and as at the end of June - early July, there is information about the breakup of a famous Hollywood couple. But Duchovny and Leoni managed to find a common language. Some secular chroniclers laugh, saying that David and Thea survive summer some aggravation.The couple tried to leave in 2008. Then David, who at the insistence of the couple was forced to spend several weeks in rehab, once outside, caught your wife cheating. Interestingly, the actor was treated for sex addiction. Читать полностью -->

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev had a walk in Paris

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev had a walk in Paris Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev caught by paparazzi in Paris. Being in the very, how to say romantic city in the world, the couple and behaved accordingly.Source: Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev had a walk in Paris . . . . . Читать полностью -->

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