Anna Paquin expecting twins!

Anna Paquin expecting twins!The pregnant 29-year-old actress Anna Paquin gives birth for the first time. Her husband and colleague Stephen Moyer, as well as another member of the ensemble cast from the TV series "True blood" (True Blood) Sam Trammell, who is the father of twins, confirmed that the couple will have two children."I'm so happy for them," said Trammell. - More difficult with twins, this is my wife and I know. I advised them to stay.". . . Читать полностью -->

Actors who go to any lengths `Oskar`

Actors who go to any lengths `Oskar` About the acting profession is the dream of many, but reach your dreams is not all. But even those who are fortunate enough, we have to undergo many tests before their name will be cherished for millions of fans. And know for certain what the film will be "the" is almost impossible.For example, did the beautiful Charlize Theron that the main role in the film "Monster" will bring glory (this stuff she had in abundance, thanks to played before the painting), and the Grand prize, which dreams of every representative of the world of cinema - the coveted statuette "Oscar". But she bravely went to the experiment, mutilated his beautiful face and body so that to know her in rasplyvshuyusya an aging loser couldn't even the most dedicated fans of Charlize.Here is a short list of artists who were not afraid to do the same as Theron. Source: Actors who go to great lengths Oscars . . Читать полностью -->

Nyusha tried on the image of long-haired blonde

Nyusha tried on the image of long-haired blonde Lady Gaga has become quite Mature. It has long been not just a daddy's girl, which puts the opinions of parents, first and foremost. The singer has grown and changed so much. Now lady Gaga is a real star and it is felt not only in her appearance, but in literally every movement of the girl.And they, in the new clip, she demonstrated visible-invisible. Video, like all the previous songs Nyusha, very dynamic. There she appeared in several images, one of which is the image of long-haired blondes.Of course, we all understand that repaint their beautiful hair Nyusha for these purposes did not. Читать полностью -->

Artist Korzheva will be buried in Alekseevsky cemetery in Moscow

Artist Korzheva will be buried in Alekseevsky cemetery in MoscowPeople's artist of USSR, Professor, representative of the so-called "severe style" Helium Korzhev, who died Monday at 88-m to year of life, will be buried at Alekseevsky cemetery in Moscow on Wednesday.It is reported by RIA "Novosti" with reference to the press service of the Russian Academy of arts, a full member which he was."Farewell will be held in the Church of the Tikhvin Mother of God at noon, then the master will be buried at Alekseevsky cemetery", - said the representative of the press service.The artist, whose works are in major Russian museums - the Tretyakov gallery and the Russian Museum, he studied at the Surikov Institute, in the workshop of Sergei Gerasimov, the author of major works in the style of socialist realism.Not least because of this in the paintings Korzheva dominated by the realist tradition, a well-known artist was in 1950-60-ies were introduced in his paintings "Raising the flag", "Lovers" and the cycle of works "Scorched by the flames of war".Korzhev taught for more than 30 years: supervised the creative workshop of painting of the Academy of arts, he taught at the art school named after Stroganov. Among his students was Yegor Zaitsev, the son of fashion designer Vyacheslav Zaitsev. Source: Artist Korzheva will be buried in Alekseevsky cemetery in Moscow. . . . Читать полностью -->

Prince Harry offered to do porn for $10 million

Prince Harry offered to do porn for $10 millionMeanwhile, grandson of Elizabeth II, gone girl, and the media say about the preparation of a new scandalous blackmail against him.After shocking the audience with photos of a naked Prince Harry, the world's largest Studio Vivid Entertainment is producing "films for adults" invited the Prince to participate in "big budget" porn. The working title of the painting "the Trouble with Harry," reports with reference to foreign sources."This project will connect on your screen beautiful Royal world and our world of beautiful women. Of course, "little Harry" will also appear on the screen, but I can assure you, the sex will be well spelled out and "Royal jewels" in no way will be understated", - quotes the edition of the founder of the pornostudio Steve Herca.It is noted that the company is willing to pay the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II an honorarium of $10 million, and the place and time of filming may choose Harry himself.Meanwhile, British newspaper the Daily Mail, citing an anonymous source reports that the media are afraid of the new series of compromising about the recreation of the heir to Britain in Las Vegas."It will be something incredible, something scandalous of Billiards on the strip", - quotes the source of the blogger Norm Clarke.Some publications suggest that mean "vodka party". The party was held the day after "naked" antics of the Prince. On the fun were invited to a "randomly selected girls". Others believe that the media gets the party with Billiards.According to, girlfriend of Prince Harry Cressida Bonas broke off relations with her lover, as felt humiliated, after the publication of the pictures next to an unknown girl. Читать полностью -->

Died academician Andrey Gonchar

Died academician Andrey GoncharToday it became known that the dead former Vice-President and adviser of the Russian Academy of Sciences, academician Andrey Gonchar. The largest mathematician, he was a specialist in the field of theory of functions and approximation theory.Since 1964 he worked in the Mathematical Institute named after Steklov. Headed the editorial Board of the journal "Mathematical collection". Academician Potter was 80 years old. Source: Died academician Andrey Gonchar. . Читать полностью -->

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