Katy Perry was photographed for the July issue of Vogue

Katy Perry was photographed for the July issue of Vogue American singer Katy Perry has starred in a fashion photo shoot for the July issue of Vogue Italy.On the pages of "the Bible of fashion" pop star appeared in an unusual fans the way wearing a white short wig and incredible designer outfits, the singer posed for famous photographer Francesco Carrozzini.In an interview with the publication Katie spoke about her style and about what designers she considers the best in the fashion world:"I like small boutiques, handmade, small details," says the singer, " I like everything unusual! My favorite American designer Jeremy Scott. I like all of his fashion creations!". Source: Katy Perry was photographed for the July issue of Vogue . . . . Читать полностью -->

`Grandma` made for kids `Eurovision`

`Grandma` made for kids `Eurovision`Yesterday in Moscow was held the qualifying round of the International children music contest "Eurovision". To represent Russia will be 13-year-old Valeria Engalycheva. And support the contestants arrived "Buranovskie grandmother.". . . . Читать полностью -->

At auction was the most expensive painting by John constable

At auction was the most expensive painting by John constableAuction house Christie's auctioned one of the most significant English classic paintings by John constable "the Dam" (1824). About it reported in a press release received by "Tape.".The painting that is known in the constable series, consisting of six large-scale landscapes (for example, is painting "hay Cart" from the collection of the National gallery in London), is estimated at 20-25 million pounds (30,1-39.2 million dollars)."Dam" is the only painting from the series, which is still in private hands. Put it up for auction Baroness Carmen Thyssen-Borneman, the widow of a Dutch industrialist and collector of "old masters" of Baron Hans Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. As noted by Bloomberg, the collection counts about 1.6 thousand works of art.It is known that the artist appreciated the work. In a letter to constable wrote: "On my easel right now is my `Dam`... the Picture looks great, paint with silver streaks, I feel the wind blowing. Читать полностью -->

Eva Mendes appeared in Glamour magazine

Eva Mendes appeared in Glamour magazine American actress Eva Mendes starred in a stylish photo shoot for Glamour magazine France.38-year-old beauty appeared on the cover of the November issue of the glossy magazine in a stylish sweater and skirt from the new collection GivenchyHakaan. In an interview with Glamour eve shared with the readers the secrets of her beauty, and also spoke about how she manages to remain the owner of one of the sexiest figures in Hollywood:"Running - here is my secret, hovoriacich," I run five times a week. So it's not really bothered me and benefit, I take them out for a jog your dog. And, of course, I work in the gym, not sparing himself. Also I don't eat meat, especially here in America. I only eat fish and vegetables. Читать полностью -->

The Church in horror waiting for the arrival of Madonna in Russia

The Church in horror waiting for the arrival of Madonna in RussiaWhile Madonna travels around the world, stunning her fans with new and new antics, the religious world goes crazy with impudence and indecency Queen of pop.Senior Ministers of the Orthodox Church in indignation and horror await the arrival of the controversial stars to Russia. And there is why. Once Madonna crucified himself on the cross, which caused a storm of criticism not only among the clergy, but also of believers.Madonna's concert in our country I think it is regrettable event. It is a pity that the responsible people were allowed her performances. And because it is a known Satanist and comunica! - so the priest Alexander Shumsky says the behavior of the pop diva. - I demand the cancellation of its arrival and urge people to support my initiative.The singer promised to support the gay community during her concert in St. Читать полностью -->

Timothy will give a farewell concert in Russia

Timothy will give a farewell concert in RussiaPopular Russian rap artist Timati announced the completion of concert activity in Russia. The famous singer chose to realize itself in the West.The unexpected news has shocked many fans of Timothy. The artist decided to realize their full musical potential abroad and announced that it would stop his concert activity in Russia. But Timothy has just decided not to part with his fans and promises a farewell concert to be held in November. Interestingly, the artist with the organization of the event will help the famous singer Grigory Leps.The artist is so popular at home that his decision to complete his concert activity in Russia seems very strange. However, Timothy did not explain any reason. Читать полностью -->

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