Anna Paquin expecting twins!

Anna Paquin expecting twins!The pregnant 29-year-old actress Anna Paquin gives birth for the first time. Her husband and colleague Stephen Moyer, as well as another member of the ensemble cast from the TV series "True blood" (True Blood) Sam Trammell, who is the father of twins, confirmed that the couple will have two children."I'm so happy for them," said Trammell. - More difficult with twins, this is my wife and I know. I advised them to stay.". . . Читать полностью -->

Actors who go to any lengths `Oskar`

Actors who go to any lengths `Oskar` About the acting profession is the dream of many, but reach your dreams is not all. But even those who are fortunate enough, we have to undergo many tests before their name will be cherished for millions of fans. And know for certain what the film will be "the" is almost impossible.For example, did the beautiful Charlize Theron that the main role in the film "Monster" will bring glory (this stuff she had in abundance, thanks to played before the painting), and the Grand prize, which dreams of every representative of the world of cinema - the coveted statuette "Oscar". But she bravely went to the experiment, mutilated his beautiful face and body so that to know her in rasplyvshuyusya an aging loser couldn't even the most dedicated fans of Charlize.Here is a short list of artists who were not afraid to do the same as Theron. Source: Actors who go to great lengths Oscars . . Читать полностью -->

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