Charlie sheen has officially announced the end of my career

Charlie sheen has officially announced the end of my careerControversial, but no less charming Charlie sheen has officially announced the end of my career.The actor assured that as soon as the shooting of the Comedy series "anger Management," in which he is involved, will come to an end, he leaves the world of show business, all of our free time to spend with their children, which, according to Charlie, he now could not give proper attention. Recall that the actor has five children: three daughters and two sons."I'm doing a movie for 30 years. But sooner or later you just get tired of wearing someone else's clothes, speak the words of others and work in a strange world. "Anger management" is my Swan song in the movie" Charlie said. Source: Charlie sheen has officially announced the end of my career. . Читать полностью -->

Employee of the theater `Contemporary` beat actress

Employee of the theater `Contemporary` beat actressTechnician of the theater "Contemporary" beat the actress of the theater Lily Azarkina, announced on Tuesday, October 2, Interfax, citing an unnamed source in theatrical circles of the city.The incident occurred on Saturday, September 29, in one of the premises of the theater, which is located at Chistoprudny Bulvar, 19. It is reported that 36-year-old employee of technical services repeatedly struck Azarkina on the head.The actress was hospitalized. She was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury, eye injury and a fracture of one of the facial bones. Employee "Contemporary", has beaten the actress, was detained right in the theater. He confessed to the crime and is under house arrest.The reasons which led the staff of the theater to hit the actress, it is not called. In the "contemporary" to comment on the situation refused.According to the website of the theatre, Lily Azarkina was accepted into the troupe of the "Contemporary" in 1991. Читать полностью -->

Today Russia will launch a `time Loop`

Today Russia will launch a `time Loop` Today in Russia a day earlier than in the U.S., kicks off the "Loop time" - American science fiction Thriller that critics have called the most anticipated band of the season. Starring Bruce Willis. "The strong nutlet" we'll have to meet again with his young copy.This role was played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. For complete similarity of two characters, the actors had to spend in the makeup chair for several hours a day.By the end of the twenty-first century time travel becomes a reality, but it will not bring. In sci-Fi action "time Loop" Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays one character with a difference in 30 years. In the story, the younger must kill his older - the problem, of course, not the easiest when your opponent is himself, Bruce Willis.- We both know how it should end. Читать полностью -->

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